The Best Back Yard Landscapes and Water Activities

Back Yard Landscapes And Water Activities

Each summer, millions of families head outdoors. Many times, they head to their own backyards.

While being outdoors is nice, it can also be hot.

In many areas of the United States, the temperature rises to beyond comfortable, especially during the summertime.

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Hot weather does not mean that you and your family should stay inside; however, you may want to think about backyard activities that can help you stay cool. You will find that many of these activities are centered on water.

Perhaps, one the best ways to stay cool in the summertime is to go for a swim.

Many families own a swimming pool. If you do, it is a great way for you and your family to have fun. Despite the fact that many families have a pool, not all do.


If you do not have a swimming pool, you may want to think about purchasing one. While most in-ground and aboveground pools are expensive, there are a few cheaper alternatives. These alternatives may include inflatable aboveground pools or kiddie pools. Most of these pools can be purchased for a reasonable price.

If you are unable to have a pool, even an inexpensive one, you do not have to worry.

There are still a number of other fun backyard water activities that you and your family can enjoy.

One of those activities may include a water gun fight.

Water gun fights are a great way to cool off, but they are also a lot of fun. Individuals of all ages, include adults, small children, and teens, love playing with water guns. If you don’t already own water guns, you should be able to purchase them for a reasonable price.

They should be available for purchase at a number of popular retail stores.

In addition to water guns, water balloons are another fun backyard water activity. Large or small water balloon packages can be purchased from most retail stores, including dollar stores.

Water balloons are great for individuals of all ages; both adults and children seem to enjoy them. Similar to water guns, water balloons are a fun, exciting, and competitive backyard activity.

Competitive and interactive water games are great for excitement; they are not right for everyone. If you are looking for a more civilized way to cool off, you may want to consider purchasing a water sprinkler.

A water sprinkler, once connected to a hose, will spray water. Depending on the water sprinkler you purchase, water will often spray in a number of different directions. While water sprinklers are ideal for all households, they are great for those that are without a pool or limited on space.

To participate in many of the above mentioned water activities, such as water balloon fights or water gun fights, you may want to have access to a garden hose.

Most water guns and water balloons can be filled up with a kitchen sink; however, it may convenient to use a water hose. Not only will a water hose make it easier to keep on playing, it may also help to keep your house clean and dry.

With an outdoor water hose, there is no reason why anyone should be entering your home with, potentially messy, water toys.

Whether you make the decision to participate in one of above mentioned backyard water activities or all of them, you are almost always guaranteed a good time.

Cooling off in the summer and playing with your friends or family, what could be better than that?

Personal health- Working out is correlated with Success

I believe that working out is correlated with success. In my theory, I do not see how it is not.


Let us discuss this:

1. Person A: Does not work out at all

2. Person B: Works out 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes a day

Benefits of working out

1. More oxygen is circulated into your brain and body

2. You will naturally feel more energized

3. You lose some calories

4. You body gets ride of any toxins in your body

5. You become stronger- Mind, body, and soul

6. You feel more confident


What happens when you do NOT work out:

1. You become lazy

2. You wake up later, losing valuable time

3. You do not make any goals

4. You gain weight

5. Your brain does not work properly in the morning without a cup or two of coffee

6. You feel sluggish.

7. You are not confident and you are shy.

8. You constantly tell yourself, tomorrow.


When you work out more good things happen to you. You become a positive energy that people cannot get away from. More people are attracted to you. You feel better about your life and you are more happy about how your life is going. You continue to follow and create your dreams come true. If you do not work out you are kind of just there. You have no goal and every day is the same. Nothing really new you are just surviving on earth and waiting for your next meal so you can continue surviving. Those who do not work out constantly judge those that keep healthy and hold a jealousy grudge. This happened to me.

A Supervisor I had when I first started in the retail industry was overweight and not very pretty. She was ugly, lord please forgive me. I am very grateful God gave me a nice decent face. My supervisor did not like me. It was so obvious from the first day she met me she hated me instantly because I was pretty. She worked her hardest from that moment forward to try and get me fired! I was 22 years old and she was 38. I was even the bigger person and invited her out to lunch. She rejected the offer. I quit. Fuck that hoe.

Although she actually saved me from life in retail.

Evert thing happens for a reason. I vowed on her life the next time I saw that woman I was going to be a self-made millionaire and I was going to drive up in my super nice car. However, I found out she got fired a few years after I left and now works at a Starbucks. Maybe Karma already helped me out there.

Anyways, moral of the story is get fit, stay healthy, and work out. Get a trainer with your friends or go to yoga! Do anything!

The Top 6 Best Places to Eat in the City of Trees


Sacramento is the City of Trees.

That’s actually pretty cool and pretty funny. it is pretty cool because the City of trees implies that we have a lot of trees throughout the city. We are covered in a green cloud of trees that have a natural season rotation.

We have Spring, Summer, Fall, and winter and we know which one is each season because of all the trees and their constant change of leaves and colors.

City of trees is also a funny term because it can mean marijuana. There are a lot of trees in Sacramento if you know what I mean.

I love this city. One I love it because it is my home town that I was born and grew up in. I have been living in Sacramento for 25 years now. I definitely want to move, but this place will always be my home.

There are many places I would recommend to go and see or try or buy. These are the top 6 places to go in Sacramento, Ca. 

1. Fox and Goose – If you are a breakfast lover like me you should go try Fox and Goose on R and 11th downtown. This place is very good. Take it from a person who is obsessed with breakfast and would eat breakfast at any point of the day.

2. Bacon and Butter- Again. a quality breakfast place that you have to try in Sacramento. This place is reasonably prices and serves really high quality breakfast foods. This place always has about an hour wait almost everyday of the week so plan ahead when you go.

3. Temple Coffee Roasters- This place is GREAT coffee spot to go and relax and be on he computer to get some work done. The have a lot of good seating and great coffee and muffins.

4. Sacramento Limousine- This is the company I use whenever I need a limo ride in Sacramento. Whether it is for a wedding, birthday, night on the town, a ride to the airport, or a graduation maybe. I always use the same limo service to take me to all my destinations. They are a great business. To check them out CLICK HERE.

5. Uncle Vito’s Pizza- My second favorite food besides breakfast is PIZZA. However, Uncle Vito’s is no ordinary Pizza. They are New York style pizza and they serve by the slice. Big slices too. They have bomb fries too. Trust me as a Sacramento Native you have to try this pizza.

6. Plush Bar- This is a great place to go relax, have a drink, and dance. They have different themes throughout the week. There main demographic is latinos on Fridays and Saturdays. They have Banda Saturdays.

These are a few places I recommend to go and visit in Sacramento!

Orange is the new Black 2016 season review

Orange is the new black came back this season with some fire!

This season the directors added a bunch of new twists and turns and are adding more woman as main characters.

In the first couple of seasons, the main character has been Piper and her story, however, now the story has been changed to involve all the woman and their individual groups and races.

In the last season, the correction officer guards had a strike for not getting paid enough and walked out on warren. Meanwhile, the fence was being replaced and fixed when some inmates noticed they could walk out of the prison. Soon everyone was noticing that there was a way out and everyone started to go out of the prison.

However, the prison is located where there is a lake and there was really no way to escape but only go swim.

The woman had a blast being able to swim in the lake and were not really upset that they could not escape. They had a great time swimming. Meanwhile, while they are swimming the federal agency is brining in 100 new woman to share the prison with the already crowded inmates.

The new woman came in all shapes, sizes, races, tattoos, and attitudes each with their own story to tell about how they made it to prison.

Piper started to think she was hot shit in the prison and started a “TASK FORCE” , but accidentally started the racist white power group of women.  She started messing with the wrong crowd and got herself in a war.

Piper hit one of the latina women really hard, but getting her sentence possibly raised for an extra 3-5 years.

The woman got so mad that she wanted revenge on Piper. Her and her group planned the revenge on Piper and kiddnapped her and engraved a nazi symbol on her skin.

Piper had no choice, but to engrave more into her arm and make it a window or else she would be titled as a racist nazi all her life.

Then Alex was right about someone wanting to kill her. While everyone was at the lake she was in the shed near the garden and a guard walked in. It was the man that wanted to kill her for previous business that had originally lead her to prison. The man began to choke her on the ground. Then suddenly  Loli came in and kicked the man off. She then proceeded to kill the man with her foot to her face.

Then they had the problem of what to do with the body. They decided they were going to bury the guy in the garden and that way no one would be able to find in.

The prison got new guards, but this time around the guards are worse then before. They treat the inmates inhumanity.

Basically ,I hope your AC is working because if it is too hot outside and you have no air conditioner then you will not be able to watch Orange is the new black because you will have to go outside and swim.

If you want to actually watch Orange of the new black like the rest of the world then go watch Netflix like the rest of the world and watch it.

You thought I was going to write everything that happened on the show? OMG. it is so good, seriously go watch it. Some crazy shit is happening ! The finale is intense.


5 Things You Should Remember to Bring to the Airport

Every time that you travel there are essentials that have to come with you. These things cannot be forgotten at home. If you want to make sure that you have good flight and travel you should always remember these items when traveling.


You also want to save as much money as possible. When you go on a trip whatever you forgot or did not bring you will have to buy AGAIN. Make sure you know the legal and illegal items that can be brought on a plane with you.

If you are carrying any liquid items on the plane they must be 3.0 OZ bottles, no more. If you want to bring more than you have to check in your suitcase and that sometimes can cost some money too.

Do not forget:

  1.      Your phone: Make sure that you bring your phone for a couple of reasons. One, because a phone is an emergency tool that can be used in the instance of an emergency during your travel. Most carriers are in different countries too, but make sure your telephone carrier is available without extra pay wherever you are going. Two, smart phone these days provide more than one function. Phones can show us our email, maps, search, social media, and more.
  2.      Neck donut: I am not sure if these are what they are called, but you have to bring these if your flight is really long and especially if you are flying coach. Seats on planes are very uncomfortable and it can get painful while you sit there and wait for each hour to go by. If you want to go to sleep you are vulnerable to strain your neck for holding your neck in place in an uncomfortable position for hours. A neck donut gives your neck support during those long hours while you are sitting in the middle seat between two “big” guys.
  3.      ID and/or passport: These are super essential wherever you go in the world. Actually, you cannot travel or get on the plan without your ID. If you go out of the country you cannot get on the plane without your ID and passport. If you make it to another country be very careful. There are many people trying to steal passports to get to America. Keep it wherever you go on your body. You do not want to risk leaving it in your hotel. There is always a chance it might get stolen and now you have to live in a foreign country.
  4.      Money: Make sure you do not forget your money. Different countries have different currency that is valued at different levels. Make sure you take some USD and take out the currency type of whatever country you are traveling to. Cash is good because if there are no ATM available at the moment and you are hungry or thirsty you want to have that cash to buy quick things.
  5.      Camera: Make sure your take pictures with a good camera or if you do not have access to a good camera at least use your phone camera. Going places and traveling sometimes can be once and a life time experiences and you want to make sure that you catch every memory. Having photos are special after you travel and experience amazing things.


Game of Thrones is an Addiction

Game of Thrones is a pretty addictive show.

It is very interesting because we are a generation that was NOT born in the medieval ages and to watch it on TV as if that is what when on is very interesting. How people lived back then was kinda nasty. They did not have toilets so they had to throw their waste on the street. Good thing on the show they do not put much emphases on that topic.

This show is covers many risky topics that includes: War, prositution, incest, lord of light, and dragons. I forgot to mention that just a lot of evil things go down and people are fucking mean as fuck. ( Sorry for my language, but that’s how I feel about this show.)

First tops is WAR.

War is pretty much no stop this whole show. Everyone one thinks and is trying to be the one true King of the Seven kingdoms. If you watch this show and know the name Jeoffrey, you understand that that was evil. I was so happy that he was killed. He lasted too long being evil on that show. HAHA. He was not a real king anyways.

Anyways, everyone is trying to gather the most people and take over all the kingdoms. HOWEVER, everyone keeps dying and new stupid people come up and want the kingdoms. This show is funny.

I do not think they stop fighting until Martin Luther King Jr. comes into this life. Wait, no people are still fighting to this day, what am I saying. People will never stop fighting. Stupid, but reality.

Next topic: Sex

There is sex on every episode of this show. Mostly in negative cognitations. Woman do not have many rights. Basically used , raped, and mutilated. The only women that have some respect are the Queens. The Queens however are not angels. They are actually just as evil as the men.

It is very interesting to see people just be so selfish all for money, kind of like how it is now in 2016. All people want is money and when they have it they do not want to help anyone else but their own family.

Next topic: Incest

This part was kinda too gross and a part that the show definitely was risky and went to far. The queen and her brother had 3 kids together. EWW. Just EWW. I think that  is all I have to say. EWW.

Lord of Light is interesting because we see a man come back to life. That makes you think that the Lord of light is real on the show. But it makes you wonder why the king that believes in the lord of light kind of sucks. I still have to watch the final season to find out if the Lord of light is true.


The dragons are pretty cool, but I hate how the Queen is trying to solve millions of problems and caring about what other people think. She locked up away two of her dragons and now they are mad at here and might kill her. The other one ran away because he did not want to be locked away.

I am on the fifth season, like I said it is an addiction. Hopefully they do not come out with more seasons because then i’ll never be able to do work.

Thinking of a Master plan


I’m just sitting here with my family thinking of a master plan for my future. No better time. I’m with family and thinking about them makes me want to be the best I can be. I am thinking out how my seo business will be successful because I am not giving up. I want to see this thing through. I am going a little slow but it’s better to go slow then not at all. Right now I am working full time so in the mean time I have some money I can use. But I will eventually have a massive amount of passive income stream that will be my income . It will allow me to buy my dream car and dream home and the main thing that I am after is my time. I want my time so bad and I want it now. I feel trapped like, i am sorry to use this as a reference, but as a slave. I feel like a modern day slave where I have to tell somewhere where I am and why I am not at work. I have to tell someone where I am going and why I am calling in sick. This is ridiculous. I feel like a little kid in pre-school where you have to obey and your creativity is being taken from you. In 2014, I came across this website of these guys that named there site lazy MLM. I think it was a calling because it was a pretty expensive course that I paid to learn and now here we are a year later and I haven’t made a dime. It it me though, I am the only one that I can truly blame. I need more knowledge on selling or a partner. I was hoping that my boyfriend would help me, but he is stuck in the money he is making he doesn’t want to worry about anything else right now. I still feel trapped and sometimes alone and I wish I had a partner just as passionate about this as I am so we can do this 10 times faster. If you want to go check out me site, HERE IT IS. Let me know what you think and tell people about me. I am the greatest. 

Token Economy

Token Economy



Throughout the week I implemented a token economy system of points for each time I exercised. Each time I exercised I would receive a token and every time I did not exercise a day during the week I did not get a point. By the end of the week I needed to have four points which would mean that I could exchange those points for a big dessert. Throughout the week I saw an increase in wanting to go exercise because if I did not I knew that I would lose that point. By the end of the week I was able to get four points and on Friday I went to Baskin Robins and got myself an ice cream sunday. I only used the reward of ice cream and Baskin Robins because it is a huge reinforcer for me. I love ice cream and chocolate and I would do anything to get it, but I know how bad it is for my body so I used the points system and exercise to get that reward.

When I was younger my parents would use a token economy on my brothers and I all the time. We had a chart on the wall and each time we did chores or got good grades we would get a sticker to go put on the chart. If we did not do chores or get good grades we would either get no sticker or have to go to time out for a while.

From this activity I saw an increase in wanting to go exercise. I would not hesitate and ask myself if I wanted to go today or not, but just go work out instead. I actually worked out five out of the four days instead of the minimum four days that was needed to get the ice cream. The only lack I could see from this activity was that if the reinforcer value was not as high as it was I would not care if I got points. This activity would have not worked if I hated ice cream and it was my prize at the end. Fortunately, I choose a reinforcer that was out of my reach unless I got those points for exercising.

This activity would be very useful to use among anyone, but it would work very well among children. Children love stickers, points, tokens, etc. They would work harder and love what they’re doing more if they knew they all their hard work was going to pay off in the end. After they reach their goal of certain points they are able to win a prize they have been longing. I also see this technique to be very useful in therapy to change the behavior of certain people. People will change their behavior when they know that all their hard work will pay off in the end.




ABC Record A behavior that I wanted to better understand and pay attention to throughout the week was the behavior of going to class.

I kept track of my record each time that I went to class and each time that I missed a class. Before the behavior occurred, also called the antecedent, I did not know any new information that was going to be on the next tests. The behavior which occurred was going and attending class. The consequence was being able to learn new important information that will be relevant towards future tests.

When I missed class the antecedent was the same as before, I did not know any new information that was going to be on the next test. The behavior changed and that time it was staying in my room to watch my favorite show.

The consequence also changed and was that I did not learn new important information that will likely be on the next test. This behavior of watching T.V. instead of going to class quickly changed because missing important work and having to make up for it by doing extra work later was a punishment each time I missed class.

The natural competing contingency of watching T.V. instead of going to class was not large enough to sustain me from going to class. My experience tracking this ABC record throughout the week helped me understand why my behavior of going to class was maintained. It also helped me understand why other behaviors are changing by increasing or decreasing.

Not only did I write down an ABC chart for this behavior, but I also wrote down many other ABC charts for other behaviors as well. A benefit that I recognized for everyday life from this activity is that all behaviors can be changed. Using reinforcement, punishment, escape, avoidance, and many other techniques people can manipulate behaviors into wanted target behaviors.

A lack that I noticed from this activity was that changing behavior is not always as easy as it sounds. Behavior does not change right away, but it takes time and patience and lots of repetition to get to that final target behavior.

This activity could be most useful for parents with bad behaving children, people with mental illnesses, and animal training. This activity could actually be used in many types of setting to change any type of wanted or unwanted behavior.

This is a great tool to be used in a therapy setting when people need help changing for the better because everything we do is a learned behavior that can be changed.

No one does something without some kind of reinforcement or punishment following it.



I work in the ghetto. I’m from California and they were around Florin  Road and it you know florin rd  you also know it’s ghetto. I work here because I work in the welfare department and man a lot of people on welfare. They depend on this check month after month after month after month. No other sources of income and Little to no education. It’s a very sad to see but it’s a choice. You can’t control the circumstances that which you were born but you can control the circumstances of your life’s direction .

Some people probably thinking, ” well you don’t know what it’s like! You’ve never been through this in your life yet.” You are absolutely right about that, but I also don’t want to experience it. I would rather make the choice of working my ass off to get where I want to be. I am not there yet but I want to me a great successful entrepreneur with massive cash flow streaming in each month. Right now I’m working to gain Capital interest for my business.

Guess what?

I’m teaching my self this stuff.

I take advantage of the millions of free books you can gain massive knowledge from.

Now go do it too.

Da Best.