ABC Record A behavior that I wanted to better understand and pay attention to throughout the week was the behavior of going to class.

I kept track of my record each time that I went to class and each time that I missed a class. Before the behavior occurred, also called the antecedent, I did not know any new information that was going to be on the next tests. The behavior which occurred was going and attending class. The consequence was being able to learn new important information that will be relevant towards future tests.

When I missed class the antecedent was the same as before, I did not know any new information that was going to be on the next test. The behavior changed and that time it was staying in my room to watch my favorite show.

The consequence also changed and was that I did not learn new important information that will likely be on the next test. This behavior of watching T.V. instead of going to class quickly changed because missing important work and having to make up for it by doing extra work later was a punishment each time I missed class.

The natural competing contingency of watching T.V. instead of going to class was not large enough to sustain me from going to class. My experience tracking this ABC record throughout the week helped me understand why my behavior of going to class was maintained. It also helped me understand why other behaviors are changing by increasing or decreasing.

Not only did I write down an ABC chart for this behavior, but I also wrote down many other ABC charts for other behaviors as well. A benefit that I recognized for everyday life from this activity is that all behaviors can be changed. Using reinforcement, punishment, escape, avoidance, and many other techniques people can manipulate behaviors into wanted target behaviors.

A lack that I noticed from this activity was that changing behavior is not always as easy as it sounds. Behavior does not change right away, but it takes time and patience and lots of repetition to get to that final target behavior.

This activity could be most useful for parents with bad behaving children, people with mental illnesses, and animal training. This activity could actually be used in many types of setting to change any type of wanted or unwanted behavior.

This is a great tool to be used in a therapy setting when people need help changing for the better because everything we do is a learned behavior that can be changed.

No one does something without some kind of reinforcement or punishment following it.