5 Things You Should Remember to Bring to the Airport

Every time that you travel there are essentials that have to come with you. These things cannot be forgotten at home. If you want to make sure that you have good flight and travel you should always remember these items when traveling.


You also want to save as much money as possible. When you go on a trip whatever you forgot or did not bring you will have to buy AGAIN. Make sure you know the legal and illegal items that can be brought on a plane with you.

If you are carrying any liquid items on the plane they must be 3.0 OZ bottles, no more. If you want to bring more than you have to check in your suitcase and that sometimes can cost some money too.

Do not forget:

  1.      Your phone: Make sure that you bring your phone for a couple of reasons. One, because a phone is an emergency tool that can be used in the instance of an emergency during your travel. Most carriers are in different countries too, but make sure your telephone carrier is available without extra pay wherever you are going. Two, smart phone these days provide more than one function. Phones can show us our email, maps, search, social media, and more.
  2.      Neck donut: I am not sure if these are what they are called, but you have to bring these if your flight is really long and especially if you are flying coach. Seats on planes are very uncomfortable and it can get painful while you sit there and wait for each hour to go by. If you want to go to sleep you are vulnerable to strain your neck for holding your neck in place in an uncomfortable position for hours. A neck donut gives your neck support during those long hours while you are sitting in the middle seat between two “big” guys.
  3.      ID and/or passport: These are super essential wherever you go in the world. Actually, you cannot travel or get on the plan without your ID. If you go out of the country you cannot get on the plane without your ID and passport. If you make it to another country be very careful. There are many people trying to steal passports to get to America. Keep it wherever you go on your body. You do not want to risk leaving it in your hotel. There is always a chance it might get stolen and now you have to live in a foreign country.
  4.      Money: Make sure you do not forget your money. Different countries have different currency that is valued at different levels. Make sure you take some USD and take out the currency type of whatever country you are traveling to. Cash is good because if there are no ATM available at the moment and you are hungry or thirsty you want to have that cash to buy quick things.
  5.      Camera: Make sure your take pictures with a good camera or if you do not have access to a good camera at least use your phone camera. Going places and traveling sometimes can be once and a life time experiences and you want to make sure that you catch every memory. Having photos are special after you travel and experience amazing things.