Orange is the new Black 2016 season review

Orange is the new black came back this season with some fire!

This season the directors added a bunch of new twists and turns and are adding more woman as main characters.

In the first couple of seasons, the main character has been Piper and her story, however, now the story has been changed to involve all the woman and their individual groups and races.

In the last season, the correction officer guards had a strike for not getting paid enough and walked out on warren. Meanwhile, the fence was being replaced and fixed when some inmates noticed they could walk out of the prison. Soon everyone was noticing that there was a way out and everyone started to go out of the prison.

However, the prison is located where there is a lake and there was really no way to escape but only go swim.

The woman had a blast being able to swim in the lake and were not really upset that they could not escape. They had a great time swimming. Meanwhile, while they are swimming the federal agency is brining in 100 new woman to share the prison with the already crowded inmates.

The new woman came in all shapes, sizes, races, tattoos, and attitudes each with their own story to tell about how they made it to prison.

Piper started to think she was hot shit in the prison and started a “TASK FORCE” , but accidentally started the racist white power group of women.  She started messing with the wrong crowd and got herself in a war.

Piper hit one of the latina women really hard, but getting her sentence possibly raised for an extra 3-5 years.

The woman got so mad that she wanted revenge on Piper. Her and her group planned the revenge on Piper and kiddnapped her and engraved a nazi symbol on her skin.

Piper had no choice, but to engrave more into her arm and make it a window or else she would be titled as a racist nazi all her life.

Then Alex was right about someone wanting to kill her. While everyone was at the lake she was in the shed near the garden and a guard walked in. It was the man that wanted to kill her for previous business that had originally lead her to prison. The man began to choke her on the ground. Then suddenly  Loli came in and kicked the man off. She then proceeded to kill the man with her foot to her face.

Then they had the problem of what to do with the body. They decided they were going to bury the guy in the garden and that way no one would be able to find in.

The prison got new guards, but this time around the guards are worse then before. They treat the inmates inhumanity.

Basically ,I hope your AC is working because if it is too hot outside and you have no air conditioner then you will not be able to watch Orange is the new black because you will have to go outside and swim.

If you want to actually watch Orange of the new black like the rest of the world then go watch Netflix like the rest of the world and watch it.

You thought I was going to write everything that happened on the show? OMG. it is so good, seriously go watch it. Some crazy shit is happening ! The finale is intense.