I work in the ghetto. I’m from California and they were around Florin  Road and it you know florin rd  you also know it’s ghetto. I work here because I work in the welfare department and man a lot of people on welfare. They depend on this check month after month after month after month. No other sources of income and Little to no education. It’s a very sad to see but it’s a choice. You can’t control the circumstances that which you were born but you can control the circumstances of your life’s direction .

Some people probably thinking, ” well you don’t know what it’s like! You’ve never been through this in your life yet.” You are absolutely right about that, but I also don’t want to experience it. I would rather make the choice of working my ass off to get where I want to be. I am not there yet but I want to me a great successful entrepreneur with massive cash flow streaming in each month. Right now I’m working to gain Capital interest for my business.

Guess what?

I’m teaching my self this stuff.

I take advantage of the millions of free books you can gain massive knowledge from.

Now go do it too.

Da Best.