Thinking of a Master plan


I’m just sitting here with my family thinking of a master plan for my future. No better time. I’m with family and thinking about them makes me want to be the best I can be. I am thinking out how my seo business will be successful because I am not giving up. I want to see this thing through. I am going a little slow but it’s better to go slow then not at all. Right now I am working full time so in the mean time I have some money I can use. But I will eventually have a massive amount of passive income stream that will be my income . It will allow me to buy my dream car and dream home and the main thing that I am after is my time. I want my time so bad and I want it now. I feel trapped like, i am sorry to use this as a reference, but as a slave. I feel like a modern day slave where I have to tell somewhere where I am and why I am not at work. I have to tell someone where I am going and why I am calling in sick. This is ridiculous. I feel like a little kid in pre-school where you have to obey and your creativity is being taken from you. In 2014, I came across this website of these guys that named there site lazy MLM. I think it was a calling because it was a pretty expensive course that I paid to learn and now here we are a year later and I haven’t made a dime. It it me though, I am the only one that I can truly blame. I need more knowledge on selling or a partner. I was hoping that my boyfriend would help me, but he is stuck in the money he is making he doesn’t want to worry about anything else right now. I still feel trapped and sometimes alone and I wish I had a partner just as passionate about this as I am so we can do this 10 times faster. If you want to go check out me site, HERE IT IS. Let me know what you think and tell people about me. I am the greatest.