Personal health- Working out is correlated with Success

I believe that working out is correlated with success. In my theory, I do not see how it is not.


Let us discuss this:

1. Person A: Does not work out at all

2. Person B: Works out 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes a day

Benefits of working out

1. More oxygen is circulated into your brain and body

2. You will naturally feel more energized

3. You lose some calories

4. You body gets ride of any toxins in your body

5. You become stronger- Mind, body, and soul

6. You feel more confident


What happens when you do NOT work out:

1. You become lazy

2. You wake up later, losing valuable time

3. You do not make any goals

4. You gain weight

5. Your brain does not work properly in the morning without a cup or two of coffee

6. You feel sluggish.

7. You are not confident and you are shy.

8. You constantly tell yourself, tomorrow.


When you work out more good things happen to you. You become a positive energy that people cannot get away from. More people are attracted to you. You feel better about your life and you are more happy about how your life is going. You continue to follow and create your dreams come true. If you do not work out you are kind of just there. You have no goal and every day is the same. Nothing really new you are just surviving on earth and waiting for your next meal so you can continue surviving. Those who do not work out constantly judge those that keep healthy and hold a jealousy grudge. This happened to me.

A Supervisor I had when I first started in the retail industry was overweight and not very pretty. She was ugly, lord please forgive me. I am very grateful God gave me a nice decent face. My supervisor did not like me. It was so obvious from the first day she met me she hated me instantly because I was pretty. She worked her hardest from that moment forward to try and get me fired! I was 22 years old and she was 38. I was even the bigger person and invited her out to lunch. She rejected the offer. I quit. Fuck that hoe.

Although she actually saved me from life in retail.

Evert thing happens for a reason. I vowed on her life the next time I saw that woman I was going to be a self-made millionaire and I was going to drive up in my super nice car. However, I found out she got fired a few years after I left and now works at a Starbucks. Maybe Karma already helped me out there.

Anyways, moral of the story is get fit, stay healthy, and work out. Get a trainer with your friends or go to yoga! Do anything!